UK Ancestry Visas

Have you got a grandparent who originated from the UK? Are you coming from a Commonwealth country? Are you planning to work in the UK? If so, you could qualify for a visa. Here’s what you need to qualify.


You must come from a commonwealth country or be able to prove that a grandparent was born in the UK, Isle of Mann or Channel Islands, or were born before 1922 in Ireland. They may also qualify if they were born on a ship or aircraft that was registered in the UK.

Family links

You can claim if you or your parents were adopted and if your grandparents were not married.

Maintenance requirements

You must be able to support yourself while in the UK.

Partners and children

Your partner and children can join as dependants if they qualify.

How long can you stay?

Five years. After five years you can apply to extend your visa or for permanent right to remain.

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