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Revocation of Existing Visa

Revocation of Existing Visa
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Revocation of Existing Visa

The revocation of an existing visa involves the cancellation of an individual’s current visa, which can lead to serious consequences, including the requirement to leave the UK. This action can be taken by the Home Office for various reasons, including non-compliance with visa conditions, providing false information, or changes in circumstances. Immigration Solicitors UK strongly recommends seeking professional legal advice to address visa revocation issues effectively and explore all available options for maintaining lawful status in the UK.

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Requirements and Process for Addressing Visa Revocation

Addressing the revocation of an existing visa involves understanding the reasons for the decision, gathering evidence, and potentially challenging the revocation through legal avenues. Immigration Solicitors UK can provide expert guidance to help individuals navigate this complex process.

Requirements and Process:

Appeal Rights: 

If the visa is revoked, determine if there is a right to appeal the decision. Grounds for appeal can include: 

Human rights considerations (e.g., right to family life) 

Procedural errors

Errors in the application of immigration rules

Tribunal Appeal: 

If an appeal is possible, submit an appeal to the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) and prepare for the hearing, where evidence and arguments will be presented.

Judicial Review:

If appeal rights are not available or exhausted, consider seeking a judicial review to challenge the lawfulness of the revocation decision.

Legal Assistance:

Seek professional legal assistance to navigate the process, gather and present evidence, and represent your case effectively.

Important Considerations:

  • Maintaining Compliance: Continue to comply with all current visa conditions during the review or appeal process.
  • Documentation: Keep detailed records and documentation of all communications, responses, and evidence related to the case.
  • Timelines: Adhere strictly to all deadlines for responses, appeals, and submissions to avoid jeopardizing the case.

By ensuring these steps are thoroughly addressed, Immigration Solicitors UK can help individuals effectively respond to the revocation of their visa, challenge the decision if necessary, and explore all available legal avenues to maintain their lawful status in the UK.

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