The Adult Dependent Relative category allows a non-EEA national “ADR” of a British citizens, persons settled in the UK or persons having refugee status or humanitarian protection in the UK, to enter and settle here if they can demonstrate that due to age, illness or disability, they require long-term personal care that can only be provided by their relative in the UK.

Apart from general visa requirements, there are certain conditions that must be met by the applicant for this visa category; such as:

  • Relationship requirements (dependant must be either a parent, grandparent, brother, sister, son or daughter)
  • Documentary evidence establishing dependency
  • Minimum income level
  • Maintenance funds
  • Suitability requirements

This type of visa must be obtained by the applicant before coming into the UK. Please consult with our immigration solicitor to find out whether you qualify for this visa category and how you can apply.