Judicial Reviews (JR)

A judicial review is performed by the Administrative High Court or Upper Tribunal. It is a process of reviewing acts and decisions made by a public office such as the Home Office or UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).

If your visa application has been refused you can ask for a judicial review in the court of law. A review can be done for matters related to procedural issues and in relation to whether the decision was correct according to the law. For example, if the Home Office fails to take a specific section of UK law into account, the matter can be raised in the court for judicial review.

Judicial reviews are very complicated. Although anyone can ask for one, you should always seek legal advice where possible on applying for a judicial review. Sometimes, the JR can come back negative with even harsher implications for the applicant than the original decision by the Home Office.

Our immigration solicitors will thoroughly review your case to make sure that in case of a request for judicial review, the decision is likely to come in your favor.


Administrative Review (AR)

For certain types of visa refusals, such as rejection of a PBS application, the applicants have the option of going for an administrative review.

An administrative review is a review of your visa application, carried out by a different Home Office official. You cannot submit new evidence or documents in support of an administrative review so this is only a suitable option if you believe that you submitted all the correct documentation but the Home Office made a mistake in refusing you a visa.

If your visa application has been refused, please consult our immigration lawyers who will review the reasons for refusal and advise you accordingly. Our experts can help determine the best course of action such as appeal, administrative review or judicial review for your case.