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Chinese Tour Group (Also Known as ADS Visa)

Chinese Tour Group (Also Known as ADS Visa)
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Chinese Tour Group (Also Known as ADS Visa)

The Chinese Tour Group Visa, also known as the ADS (Approved Destination Status) Visa, is specifically designed for Chinese nationals traveling to the UK as part of an organized tour group. This visa facilitates Chinese tourists’ visits to the UK, enabling them to explore its many attractions and cultural heritage sites. Immigration Solicitors UK recommends their professional services to assist with the application process for the ADS Visa, ensuring a smooth and successful journey.

Key Features of the Chinese Tour Group (ADS) Visa

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Visa Requirements for Chinese Tour Group (ADS) Visa

To apply for the Chinese Tour Group (ADS) Visa, applicants must meet certain criteria and provide specific documentation. Immigration Solicitors UK can help in gathering and preparing these documents, ensuring a successful application process.


Immigration Solicitors UK provides expert guidance and support throughout the application process for the Chinese Tour Group (ADS) Visa, helping to ensure all requirements are met and increasing the likelihood of a successful application.

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