Tier 2 is the most popular visa category for staying and settling in the UK. It allows skilled workers, with a job offer from a UK employer authorized by UKVI, to work and settle in the country.

In order to qualify, the applicant must have been offered a skilled job by a licensed sponsor who can assign a certificate of sponsorship (CoS). The visa will be issued for the same period as stated in the CoS. The annual gross salary must be at least £20,800 for “new entrants” and £30,000 for “experienced workers”.

The following conditions must be fulfilled in terms of a UK job and salary scale:

  • The applicant must have an offer for a skilled job and from a UK based employer holding a valid sponsor license issued by UKVI
  • The job should pass the Resident Labour Market Test (undertaken by the employer). This test is exempted in some cases.
  • It must be a job that is included either in level 4, level 6 of the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) or a job in the list of shortage occupations in the UK or Scotland.
  • The minimum salary that the applicant must have been offered must be £20,800 or £30,000 per year or an appropriate salary and allowances for the job.
  • The applicant must clear the general grounds for refusal.
  • The applicant is also required to meet language and maintenance requirements.

Generally, the visa is issued up to 5 years and 14 days, or up to one month after the period stated on one’s certificate of sponsorship (whichever comes first) and up to 6 years with extensions. If an applicant applies for a Tier 2 visa in the UK as a “new entrant” the maximum initial period he can extend the visa by is three years and one month.  After three years and one month as a new entrant, he will have to be paid the experienced worker rate to extend his tier 2 visa.

The applicant can apply for indefinite leave to remain after his continuous lawful residence in the UK by meeting the following salary requirements:

  • £35,500 if applying on or after 6 April 2018
  • £35,800 if applying on or after 6 April 2019
  • £36,200 if applying on or after 6 April 2020.

Immigration solicitors for a free consultation to determine your eligibility for this visa category. We have worked with many clients to help them settle in the country successfully though this route. Our immigration solicitors may also be able to find you a different, more suitable category in case you do not qualify under the General Migrant route.