Many businesses looking to hire skilled workers find it difficult to find talented individuals in the local market. To overcome this difficulty of businesses, the UK government runs the sponsorship license program.

A sponsorship license is a specialized license that allows employers to recruit and bring talented foreign workers into the country. Employers without the license cannot sponsor foreign workers to come and work for them in the UK.

There are strict conditions that must be fulfilled before businesses are issued the license. Employers are responsible for making sure that any migrant workers that are sponsored through this program fulfill the eligibility criteria.

In order to be issued a certificate of sponsorship, the employer must meet the following requirements.

  • The employer must prove that they are a genuine organization that has been operating lawfully in the UK.
  • The position must be a genuine vacancy with remuneration equal to what a UK national would receive if he or she were employed in the same position.
  • The position must be at least NVQ level 4 or higher.
  • The employer must also show that they have attempted to fill the role within the UK if it is not listed in the shortage occupation list.

In order to obtain the license, the employer must submit an application to the Home Office along with all supporting documents. There are different types of sponsorship licenses available such as Tier 2 or Tier 5 and the one to go for depends on the duration and type of employees needed.

After submission of an application, the business may receive a compliance visit from the UK Visas and Immigration office to assess the business needs.

Our legal practice has helped many organizations successfully apply for a sponsorship license and get approved. We can do the same for your company as well. To get more guidance on the application process please get in touch with our office today.