Visit Visas & Sponsorships

Short-term visit visas, usually allow the visitors to stay in the UK for a period of less than six months. These visas are used for holidays/tourism, to see a family or friend, business trip or general visits such as attending a conference or sporting event. You can also visit the UK to do research or for private medical treatment or to come to the UK to get married. The visa duration usually lasts up to 6 months and there are certain restrictions on switching to another category.

If you are planning to visit the UK get in touch with our legal team and they will help expedite the process of applying the following visas;

  • Standard Visitor
  • Marriage Visitor
  • Permitted Paid Engagement
  • Parent of child Student
  • Visit the UK in a Chinese tour group
  • Passing Through the UK in Transit
  • Standard Visitor Visa

If you are a genuine visitor and would like to visit the UK, you can apply for your visit visa under Standard Visitor Visa category. You can visit the UK under this category to;

  • See your family and friends
  • Spend your holidays
  • Participate in creative or sports events
  • Receive private medical treatment
  • Business Trip


  • Marriage Visitor Visa

If you are 18 or over and a genuine visitor, you can apply for your visit visa under Marriage Visitor Visa category. You can visit the UK under this category to;

  • Get married
  • Give notice of a marriage
  • Register a civil partnership
  • Give notice of a civil partnership

You will not be able to stay or settle in the UK after your marriage or civil partnership as you have to leave the UK and apply for your spouse visa to settle in the UK from your home country.

  • Permitted Paid Engagement Visa

You can visit the UK under this category for a maximum period of 1 (one) month, if you have been invited from a UK bases organisation as an expert professional to do a specific paid work. You can visit the UK under this category if you are;

  • Aged 18 or over
  • Invited by a UK Based Origination or client as an expert professional
  • Want to come to the UK to do specific paid work

You will be eligible for this visa if you will be invited by a UK-based organisation or client to:

  • be a student examiner/assessor
  • take part in selection panels as a highly qualified academic
  • give lectures at a higher education institution
  • examine UK-based pilots so they meet the standards of the country you come from
  • provide advocacy in a particular area of law
  • take part in arts, entertainment or sporting activities including broadcasting
  • take part in fashion modelling assignments

You can also do minor activities related to your work or business overseas, such as attend meetings.

  • Parent of Child Student Visa

You can apply under this category if you are a Parent of Child Student Visa; who is studying at or about to start studying at an independent fee-paying school in the UK. You will be eligible to apply visa if you meet certain criteria as discussed below;

  • Your child must be aged between 4 and 11
  • You are the only parent accompanying with your child.
  • You have enough money to support yourself and your child
  • You maintain your main home outside the UK
  • Chinese Tour Group (Also Known as ADS Visa)

You can apply under this category if you are a Chinese citizen and you are a part of a tour group (5 minimum people). Your tour must have been organised by ADS (Approved Destination Status agreement) licensed Chinese tour operator.

You can stay for up to 30 days and have to stay with the group at all times during your stay in the UK.


  • Passing Through the UK in Transit

You can apply under this category if passing through the UK in transit (i.e. on your way to another country).

Make sure you apply for an appropriate sub-category while apply under this category

  • Stay within the UK Airport:

If you are changing your flights without going through the Border control (like within the airport) then you need Direct  Airside Transit visa (DATV) and it remain valid for up to 24 hours.

  • Leaving the Airport:

You need a Visitor in Transit visa if you’ll go through the Border control but leaving the UK within 48 hours for your main destination.