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The Adult Dependent Relative visa is for adult relatives of British citizens, settled persons, or those with limited leave under Appendix EU or refugee/humanitarian protection status who wish to settle in the UK.

Eligibility Requirements

Relationship: You must be the parent, grandparent, sibling, or child (aged 18 or over) of someone in the UK who is a British citizen, settled, has limited leave under Appendix EU, or has refugee/humanitarian protection.

Need for Care: You must need long-term personal care due to age, illness, or disability, such as help with everyday tasks (e.g., washing, dressing, and cooking).

Unavailable Care: You must prove that necessary care is unavailable or unaffordable in your home country, even with financial help from your UK-based relative.

Maintenance and Accommodation: Your UK sponsor must provide adequate maintenance, accommodation, and care without recourse to public funds and must sign a 5-year undertaking.

TB Test: If required, you must provide a TB test pass certificate.

Application Process:

Preparation: Collect documents like proof of relationship, medical evidence, and the sponsor’s financial details.

Online Application: Complete the online application and pay the required fees.

Biometric Information: Attend a biometric appointment to provide your fingerprints and photographs.

Document Submission: Submit documents proving your relationship, need for care, and financial support from your sponsor.

Additional Considerations:

Settlement: If your sponsor is settled in the UK or is a British citizen, you may be granted settlement. If your sponsor has temporary permission, your visa will expire with theirs, but you can apply for further leave to remain in line with their status.

Outside Applications Only: The visa is only available to applicants outside the UK and cannot be switched from within the UK.

Human Rights Grounds: In exceptional circumstances, applications may be granted on human rights grounds if refusal would cause unjustifiably harsh consequences.

Support Services:

Medical Expert Reports: Obtain expert medical reports to support your need for long-term personal care.

Country Background Reports: Provide evidence that suitable care is not available or affordable in your home country.

Property Inspection Reports: Demonstrate that adequate accommodation is available in the UK.

Challenges and Success Rates:

Success Rate: Detailed and well-prepared applications have a higher chance of success. The success rate can vary based on individual circumstances.

Refusals: Applications can be refused if criteria are not met or documentation is insufficient.


The Adult Dependent Relative visa is crucial for families wishing to provide care for their dependent relatives in the UK. Given the complexity of the application process, seeking professional legal advice is recommended. 

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